Stylish Saddle Bag.

A classy shoulder bag in high quality brown hunter leather or Bridge.


A classy's shoulder bag in high quality brown hunter leather. The bag is 8" wide and 9 1/2" high. (21 cm x 24cm). There is a front flap, secured with a press-stud. The leather strap is 50" (127cm) long, adjustable down to 28" (71cm). One end of the strap is secured to the bag with a brass buckle. The other end of the strap is fitted with a hook which can be connected to, or disconnected from, the bag at will.

Under the main flap are a variety of pockets suitable for your Purse, car keys etc. With an adjustable strengthened shoulder strap for security.

On the front:

  • To the outside of the front flap, a zip secured pocket, 16cm wide by 17cm high.

  • Inside:
  • Under the front flap, and to the front of the body, a zip secured pocket, being 16cm wide and 17cm high.
  • The main internal pocket of the bag is the full depth and width. 3 other pockets are inside this.

  • Item: BR4158

    On the back:

  •  The rear of the bag has a zip topped pocket 15cm wide and 17 cm high.
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