Compression Socks from HJ Hall

Energisox with Softop


Socks that give your legs staying power. The graduated compression of Energisox produces a massaging effect which could help increase circulation, therefore reducing swollen ankles and revitalising legs to help keep them feeling fresh and active for longer. Also with our innovative Softop patented non-elastic top for extra comfort and ribbed ankle structure for added flexibility. 


Features Include:

  • Non-Elastic Top - doesn't mark, doesn't constrict
  • Graduated Compression
  • Calf Support Panel
  • Ribbed ankle structure for added flexibility
  • Cotton Rich
  • Perfect for those on their feet all day
  • Full length sock 17" from heel to top
  • Unconditional 6 month Guarantee 

Fabric Composition: 67% cotton 36% polyamide 1% Lycra

Product Code: HJ797

Size Chart