Ladies Suits

At LucyAlice We have a stylish selection of "collections" from which you can build your suit.  Everything within a collection will match, as they are made from the same fabric. So you will find that in the Asti Collection, there are 5 different cuts of Jacket, 2 different lengths of skirt, and 4 different cuts of trouser.  Most of these are available in 6 colourways and sizes 6 right through to 24. They can also be supplied with a matching waistcoat and dress.

This gives you the opportunity to Create your own smart mix and Match suit, indeed the Asti collection on its own gives you 180 different possible stylish ladies suit options, and then in different sizes.

But If that does not give you quite what you are looking for, don't worry, we have other collections equally smart to browse please see below. If in doubt, please call.

HOT TIP : Start with the Asti Sophisticated. If you cannot find what you want, try another collection.

 Asti Collection ladies suit