Ladies Suits

At LucyAlice we have a stylish selection of collections from which you can build your suit.  Everything within a collection will match, as they are made from the same fabric. Most collections are available in six colourways and sizes range from 6 to 24. This gives you the opportunity to create your own smart mix and match suit, indeed the Asti collection on its own gives you 180 different possible stylish ladies suit options, and then in different sizes.

All of our collections are filled with gorgeous and practical suits, for all shapes and sizes. We are dedicated to finding the perfect suit for you, so if in doubt, please give us a call. Here at LucyAlice we know that everyone is completely individual in what they want, so we offer a wide range of all items and colours to ensure you find the perfect items for you.


HOT TIP : Start with the Asti Sophisticated. If you cannot find what you want, try another collection.


  • With over 21 mix and match styles, in up to seven different colours, this collection has lots of fits and styles to choose from. The lightweight fabric is very durable and has a high level of stretch, making it perfect for those who are always on the go!

  • With over 19 Mix and Match styles in up to four different colours, there is something for everyone in the performance collection. The extremely durable Poly, wool and Lycra mix has created unrivalled products at unbeatable value.

  • Create a look as unique as you. Providing an endless mix of options, you can fully customise your look for any occassion. Dress up or dress down, layer up or keep it simple, the choice is yours. For a relaxed office feel or everyday casual wear.

  • Hard wearing, durable machine washable suits in 10 differnt styles and up to three different colours. This heavyweight fabric is perfect for the demands of a busy workplace and will keep you looking and feeling great all day long.

  • This collection features fine tailored lines and fashionable pin dot weaves to present stylish and on trend suits. With 14 mix and match styles and available in four different colours, these products mix form and function so you can look your best all day

  • This collection is beautifully tailored in lightweight, high performance fabric so you can stay on top of your game. With high levels of stretch and stain resistance, this collection combines style and practicality in 10 different mix and match styles.

  • A washable, versatile and hardwearing collection ideal for the hospitality industry. With durable fabric and modern design, there's something for everyone in this excellent collection. All items made with superfine polyester to ensure superb wearability.

  • This highly durable and comfortable collection ensures you get the same great look and functionality day in, day out. With 10 mix and match styles, and three different colours, this collection is perfect for any active role in a demanding workplace.