Rogue Weekender Bag

Rogue weekender bag in canvas and leather, the ultimate weekend bag!


The Rogue Weekender bag is made of canvas and leather.

The Rogue weekender bag is functional, stylish and has a wide opening so that you can see all of your clothes in your bag easily.

It has side zipped pockets, an inside zipped pocket and a shoulder strap.

Dimensions L 50cm x W 25cm x H 30cm

The weekender bag is available in sand or olive colours - this image shows the sand option colour canvas with oxblood leather trim.

This bag is a great traveling companion as it is soft and will fit in to any small space in your boot! It is very strong and does not rip or tear. It has been very well tested by us!

The Rogue range of bags are made to be used! They are strong and functional yet have great style. They are hand made in Africa by Rogue as shown here.

The Rogue leather bag and canvas bag will stand the test of time, and continue to look stylish and remain functional after lots of use!

The bags are great for travelling overland or by air, and have honestly been tested out by "Real people"!

Whatever you choose - a leather bag or a canvas bag, neither will disappoint. Perfect safari bags.

Rogue Buffalo bags are genuine African Buffalo and have their own distinctive look - one you can only love!

Size Chart