Glossary of terms

Worsted Wool

Worsted wool is wool that has been specially spun.  Traditionally it means that the wool has straight long fine fibres. The term "worsted" is often applied to any yarn spun from fibres three inches in length or longer that have been carded or combed, and spun, not just wool.   for many years the only people who could make wool fabric properly were the British, as many other suppliers struggled to make the fabric shrink resistant.  Now, however, as others have developed their skills, more manufacturers can make quality wool.  You still have to be careful what you buy however, it is not a universal skill.

Super 100's and Super 120's

 Super 100's and Super 120's define the weight of the fabric, but not necessarily the quality.  It is true to say however that the higher this number is the finer the fabric.  The scale can go all the way to 200's, but this is very rare indeed, and does it make for a better suit? Well, there lies the rub, as it certainly offers a nicer handle, but it is also more delicate, and is likely to get snagged more easily. We sell up to a super 120s, and that is nice indeed.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is wool from a breed once taken from Spain to Australia, where all the best wool is made. The Australians have developed this industry to a point where the wool from every sheep is graded, the best coming from the soft underside (It is likely this is where Super 200's wool comes from).  It is graded by thickness, a 100's grade must be finer than 18.5 microns.

Columbia Stitch Trim

The Columbia stitch trim is inside the jacket - where the lining is sewn the stitches are shown just to give a better finish and a bit of detail around the edge.

Half Canvas Construction

The half-canvas construction is a superior quality of inner lining in the upper half of the suit jackets, it's not visible it is underneath the lining to give a firmer finish.